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Car and Showroom Turntables:As well as our expertise in producing turntables for residential use, we have also been instrumental in supplying a variety of turntables forcar and showroom use in the automobile and entertainment industry.

Car showroom turntables will usually be of the electro-mechanical, above ground installation to ensure as little disruption as possible while being installed. Control will be via a simple on/off type wall-mounted switch similar to a light switch.

Photographs shown with kind permission of Renton Honda, Renton, Washington

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Hovair Systems has been a world leader in the design and production of car, automobile and truck vehicle turntables for many years. Very often the number one choice for many companies, we offer a diverse range of turntables for cars, trucks, specialty uses and the automobile industry.

FAQs and Everything You Need to Know about Car / Automobile / Vehicle Truck Turntables

For residential use we offer in-ground car turntables for garage or driveway use. Here are some of the benefits to installing a Hovair Systems turntable at your property:

  • Install to garage or driveway using in-ground car turntable & drive pits
  • All pit ring construction components supplied ahead of time for contractor use
  • Choose from air bearing or electro-mechanical powered installation
  • Choose from multi-position stops and starts
  • Safe and reliable with very little maintenance to worry about
  • Easy-to-use control panel for internal use
  • Garage door opener style clickers for in-car use
  • No more turning in tight driveway or garage spaces
  • No more reversing out onto busy streets
  • Contractor drawings supplied with each model

Car, automobile and truck turntables start at $27,950 and include all drawings and schematics for contractor installation.

Check out a Specialty Turntable progression

As well as our expertise in producing turntables for residential use,Hovair Systems has also been instrumental in supplying a variety of industrial turntables and air powered products for the entertainment industry. Our products have been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as many special effects contributions to the Hollywood movie industry.

Shown below is the progression of a typical Hovair Systems specialty industrial turntable that was designed and built specially for its owner for use at the Iowa State Fair.

Hovair Systems are known throughout the industry for their ability to listen to the customer’s needs and produce great products finely tuned for those needs. We are able to adapt our designs to suit the customer and to ensure they are happy and satisfied with it. Here is what the folks at Lockheed Martin Aerospace company recently said about Hovair Systems:

Hovair Systems are mindful of delivery schedules and work with a healthy sense of urgency to meet commitments. They change and adapt their products to differing operational environments with a focus on improving and evolving solutions. They honor warranty commitments in pursuit of a satisfied customer

We’ve ridden with them for many years and have no complaints. They’re a great group to work with.

Let’s All Go Down The Iowa State Fair


Car Turntables – FAQs and Everything You Need to Know

Q:  How much does a car turntable cost?
A: Car turntables usually start at around $23,950 depending on the specifications and size.
Q: What does this price include?

A: This price includes all turntable components, pit ring, all necessary drawings and schematics, crating and packaging ready for shipping. Shipping costs are additional.

Q:  What about pit construction costs?
A:  Pit construction will be an additional local expense between the turntable owner and his contractor.

Q:  What sizes of turntable are available?
A:  Diameters can start as little as 14ft and range thru 25ft depending on type of vehicle use.

Q:  What types of turntable are available?
A:  Car turntables can be either air bearing powered or electro-mechanical powered.

Q:  How do air powered turntables work?
A:  Air powered turntables require an air compressor to be installed at a reasonable proximity to the turntable. Air supply lines are fed from the compressor to the turntable manifolds, through which, air is allowed to flow to each individual onboard air bearing. When the turntable is activated, the air bearings rise to lift the turntable away from its base unit. From this point a drive wheel rotates the turntable as programmed. When rotation is stopped, the air bearings deflate and the turntable lowers back to it resting place.

Q:  How do electro-mechanical turntables work?
A:  Electro-mechanical turntables are constructed to rotate using a single inner ring bearing and pit mounted floor raceway. A central pivot drive assembly is activated by the system’s hydraulic motor drive unit, which causes the turntable to rotate smoothly on the installed raceway. Compressor is not necessary.

Q:  Will I need to dig up my garage floor or driveway?
A:  Unfortunately, yes. Your turntable needs to be fitted correctly for it to give you many years of reliable service. Whether you purchase an air bearing or electro mechanical powered turntable, you will need to construct a suitable pit to house the turntable. A typical pit will vary between between 5 inches and 10 inches deep.

Q:  How will I know the turntable pit dimensions, and what goes where?
A: Every Hovair Systems turntable is supplied complete with detailed operator manual and all the necessary drawings to assist you and your contractor to construct the pit correctly.

Q:  What does a typical turntable pit construction project consist of?
A:  A typical pit consists of digging out a circular pit to the depth as indicated on the supplied pit construction drawing. Depending on the type of turntable being installed, it may be necessary to also construct a small drive unit pit alongside the turntable pit. Concrete is then poured into the pit and leveled to the specifications in the supplied pit drawing. A sectional pit ring assembly is shipped before construction begins, and when the first concrete pour is complete, the sections of the pit ring are fitted to the pit to form its circumference. Pit ring sections are then correctly leveled and secured with a final pour of concrete. Finally, a mounting plate is then fitted to the center of the pit to interface with the system’s center pivot assembly. Detailed drawings are provided for pit construction.

Q:  Can I install a turntable myself or do I need a contractor to do it?
A:  Most installations are handled by a reliable and experienced contractor who knows how to read and correctly interpret the supplied drawings. However, if you have a good mechanical aptitude and can read and understand drawings, then it might be possible to do this yourself. We would recommend talking to a contractor to ascertain all details of the project before undertaking any work.

Q: Does Hovair Systems have an installation service?
A: Yes, we do, but we do not undertake pit construction work. If you are able to have your turntable pit constructed by a local contractor, Hovair Systems would be happy to quote you a price for the turntable installation.

Q: Will you talk to or work with my contractor?
A: Yes, absolutely. We often liaise with contractors installing our turntables and give them as much help and advice as possible. Our support service is second-to-none and we help in any way we can.

Q: How does the turntable arrive at my location?
A: Your turntable will have been pre-assembled and tested for correct operation at our factory before being shipped. All turntables are sectional so they are easily taken apart for shipping. Many of the sectional parts will be number or color coded making assembly an easy task. The pit ring assembly will be shipped separately ahead of time to allow you to get it installed into the pit before the turntable arrives. The remainder of the turntable will be packed into manageable size crates.

Q: How is the turntable assembled?
A: All Hovair Systems turntables are accompanied by a comprehensive, easy-to-understand operator manual which includes full color diagrams and pictures that illustrate various stages of the assembly. It is not rocket science and most components fall into place quite easily.

Q: Where do I get a compressor?
A: We can supply a suitable compressor as part of your turntable order. We can advise you on the right compressor for your needs at the time of order.

Q: What about spare parts for turntables?
A: No problem. We always use brand name and good quality components when designing our turntables. Spare parts are rarely a problem and we normally have them in stock for immediate shipping.

Q: I have two vehicles and they have different parking places in my garage. Can you help with this?
A: Absolutely. All car turntables can be supplied with garage-door-style clickers that can be kept in each vehicle. Your turntable can be programmed so that the first clicker action of either clicker will cause the turntable to stop at a certain point, and a second clicker action will cause the turntable to continue rotating to a second preset point. This will allow each vehicle to drive off the turntable at its correct preset angle and location.

22ft x 6ft giant transformer carrier – up to 280 tonnes capacity

Another heavy duty transporter demonstrating its ease of use and how easily it can be placed in tight spaces using its wireless control panel. Note how the operator effortlessly control the transporter without having to move from his operating position. Wireless interfacing is via antennae on the joystick control panel and on the front right of the transporter.

Overhead Gantry Crane Conversion

Here we see a regular overhead gantry crane that has been converted to a mobile crane simply by adding a set of four air bearings and modules to the feet. The benefits of this type of conversion are tremendous and take a previously permanently fixed crane and convert it into a floating model that can be used just about anywhere in
your location. Here you will see how easy it is to plug in your air supply and off you go. It really is that simple.

Again, very little operator effort is required to move a structure that would previously have presented problems.

Air Bearing Demo Video

A set of four heavy steel girders weighing around a ton being moved by four square aluminum modules housing 12-inch bearings. This setup could easily move four tons with no further adjustment necessary.

The demo shows just one man in attendance using very little effort to turn this load in an omni-directional fashion. Operation of these air bearing systems are so simple – anyone can do it.

Easily used by guys and gals alike

Air Pallet Demo Video

A 7ft x 4ft air pallet carrying a load of approximately 250 pounds. This particular air pallet has a maximum capacity of 4000 pounds, but load capacity can be increased to several tons, as necessary.

Notice how very little effort is needed by the operator – even with a load on board.

Easily used by guys and gals alike.

See a MatJack Air lift bag progression

Heavy Load Lifting • Lifting Equipment for Riggers • Material Handling Equipment

Air Lifting Bag Progression

The following progression illustrates just how effective a MatJack lifting bag can be when used in conjunction with Hovair Systems products.

Click on each individual picture for a larger version.

Aluminum load on lumber support awaiting move. A one-inch clearance enables MatJack to be placed.

MatJack is inflated sufficiently to remove lumber. Lumber support is now ready to be removed.

Lumber has been removed and space cleared for Hovair Load Module to be placed under the load.



Hovair Load Module is placed under the load. The MatJack is now ready to be removed. The deflate button is pressed on the remote control.



The Matjack has been deflated and remove from the scene. Repeat for the other module placings.

Job Done! It really is that easy!

A typical MatJack setup showing a 13-ton capacity lifting bag, 20 feet of air line hose and the dead-man remote controller.

Did You Know That MatJack Air Lifting Bags and Hovair Systems load moving products are environmentally friendly? That’s Right! Both products use only clean fresh (compressed) air to operate.