Lift Decks

Lift Decks

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Some modules incorporate a Lift-Deck into the top of the beam. This arrangement allows the beams to engage a heavy load and lift it from its base before moving.

Similar to a pallet truck, Lift Deck Beam Sets are very low-profile. They easily slide under a load, then lift the pallet off the floor using the air lifter facility in the upper beam decks. Once the pallet is lifted off the floor, the main air bearings engage. This will allow you to float the load to a new destination.

The lifting capabilities of these units would be ideal for companies that have their own customized pallets or other similar load as we can usually customize these units for use with most types of load platforms and heavy load movements.

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In the video above we demonstrate how a heavy machine can be made mobile using air bearing technology. The beams are placed underneath, and then lift the object when compressed air is filtered through.

Here are product photos of our air beams. You can see the flat aluminum surface where heavy loads will rest. Underneath are the air bearings, which allow the module to float freely.