information of transporter tuggers.

An Air Tugger

unit is designed as an external air-powered drive unit to supply air and control requirements to the air bearing and any drive systems incorporated into Hovair Systems load moving equipment.

The air tugger interfaces with a docking plate which is fitted to one or both sides of the load moving equipment. Once docked and locked into position, the tugger provides an independent air supply to the air bearings and integral drive systems that it will be controlling.

Once coupled, the tugger can be driven in either forward or reverse directions to steer the equipment effortlessly through its direction of travel.

Air bearing control is via a spring-loaded trigger near the handlebar, and on-board drive systems control are all in one convenient handlebar control panel.

The docking plate assembly on the air tugger has a swivel mechanism to control forward or reverse direction

All pneumatic power required by the transporter is delivered via the air tugger connections around the docking plate area.

All Hovair load moving systems can be designed to interface with a tugger unit. Each will have identical docking plates to interface the system and tugger units. A single air tugger can be used to control other systems, but only one at a time.