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Air Compressors power all of our air bearing systems. Our air compressor handling equipment uses compressed air to lift and move heavy loads.

Hovair Systems is able to supply all of the load moving equipment you need. We are partnered with major manufacturers to provide top quality industrial air compressor and Rotary Screw Air Compressors.

Air Bearings are the driving force behind all of our products. Air bearings lift and move heavy products by channeling the power of compressed air. They can be used for routine movement, or as a way of updating your equipment.

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If you are considering air bearings, you may also want to update your compressor. Not all compressors ensure adequate air supply. We offer new systems, or you can bolster your current equipment by fitting an extra compressor.

Thanks to their high efficiency motor, QRS compressors offer low energy consumption. Because of this, you will enjoy a cost-effective performance.

All reciprocating compressors are designed to cycle for intermittent operation. Thanks to this feature, the compressor can operate fully loaded 24 hours a day.

Engineered for high performance, the QRS line meets the needs of the most demanding shops. They are efficient and reliable, and provide a complete compressed air installation. All air connections have been optimized to minimize pressure drop and air leaks. Want to know more? Feel free to explore our air compressor specifications in detail!

Quiet & Compact

Enjoy low noise levels thanks to the low sound enclosure and innovative cooling fan. Adding in its compact design, QRS compressors easily fit anywhere in your shop. These discrete features allow the compressor to be hardly noticeable in your shop