Check out a Specialty Turntable progression

As well as our expertise in producing turntables for residential use,Hovair Systems has also been instrumental in supplying a variety of industrial turntables and air powered products for the entertainment industry. Our products have been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as many special effects contributions to the Hollywood movie industry.

Shown below is the progression of a typical Hovair Systems specialty industrial turntable that was designed and built specially for its owner for use at the Iowa State Fair.

Hovair Systems are known throughout the industry for their ability to listen to the customer’s needs and produce great products finely tuned for those needs. We are able to adapt our designs to suit the customer and to ensure they are happy and satisfied with it. Here is what the folks at Lockheed Martin Aerospace company recently said about Hovair Systems:

Hovair Systems are mindful of delivery schedules and work with a healthy sense of urgency to meet commitments. They change and adapt their products to differing operational environments with a focus on improving and evolving solutions. They honor warranty commitments in pursuit of a satisfied customer

We’ve ridden with them for many years and have no complaints. They’re a great group to work with.

Let’s All Go Down The Iowa State Fair