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Air Lifting Bags

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Air lifting bags are reliable, safe, and easy to use. They are typically manufactured with Kevlar, or steel woven mesh. As a result, they greatly compliment material handling equipment in heavy load moving.

Most Matjack products require only a few inches of clearance, but can increase in size exponentially. Because of this, they are an ideal aid when installing air bearings beneath heavy equipment.

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In this Video we see how simple high pressure bags are to use. Because of their low profile, they easily slide beneath the aluminium bars. Next, the bag is filled with air, providing more clearance. After that, an air bearing is placed underneath. Finally, the bag is lowered to easily transport the aluminium elsewhere. This process is as simple as changing the tire on a car.

In addition to their overall strength, lift bags have an interlocking surface. Therefore, they are able to “grip” loads. Excessive gaps can be briged with plywood or lumber.

From low-to-high pressure, Mat jack creates solutions for any situation. Let us know what solution we can provide for you by filling out our contact form.