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We manufacture Heavy Load Moving Equipment & Systems in our factory on the West Coast of the United States. Our products are “Made in America”. We can move any size or configuration of heavy equipment on suitable floors.Our products use compressed air in small volumes and provide Green, Clean, Lean, Safe, and Cost effective solutions.

Air Bearings

Hello, and welcome to our All About Air Bearings information page. This is where you will find …

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Load Moving Equipment

Using Hovair’s air bearing powered machine handling and load moving equipment systems you can …

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Some of the most efficient and cost-effective handling and moving equipment systems in today’s …

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Move Heavy Machines

At Hovair moving Heavy machinery is a breeze. We can customize any configuration to fit your needs …

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Hovair Systems – Air Bearing and Air Caster Manufacturer


  • Hovair Systems, Inc. of Seattle, Washington, formerly known as Rolair has been a leading air bearing and air caster manufacturer to the material handling industry for over 50 years.
  • We are the original licensees of the General Motors Air Bearing Patent, so you can be assured that we really know our business, and have a firm understanding of the movement of heavy loads by harnessing the power and energy of simple compressed air within our air bearings and casters to offer fine load moving systems to industry.

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MANUFACTURING FACILITIES DISRUPT OUTDATED PROCESSES Hovair Systems and Mfg., based in Seattle has equipment that allows the movement of heavy machinery anywhere within your facility without the money or time restrictions of the past. Their clients include NASA, Lockheed, the Georgia Aquarium, Toyota, the University of Arizona, Tesla, and hundreds…

Feb 1, 2018

Hovair Systems Mfg Blog

MOVING HEAVY LOADS WITHOUT USING HEAVY EQUIPMENT When you need to move a heavy load (production machines, pallets of inventory, an assembly line) in your facility, what is the first options you think of? If you say a tow lift or a crane, you are among the 95% that…

Jan 31, 2018