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Using air bearing powered machine handling and load moving equipment systems you can …


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Hovair Systems makes moving Heavy machinery is a breeze. We can customize any configuration to fit your needs …

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Hovair Systems has manufactured material handling equipment for over 50 years. This ensures we have a firm grasp on moving heavy objects. Our products provide a wide range of versatility. 

Our Air Bearing Systems are portable, affordable, safe, and Eco-friendly. This moving equipment turns even the biggest and heaviest loads into moving objects. Pound-for-pound, they will outperform any crane or forklift.

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Air Bearings 

Air bearings are a type of material handling equipment. They provide versatility, and unmatched capacity when moving heavy equipment. 

Air bearings lift objects using the power of compressed air. Floated objects are nearly weightless, and easily maneuvered. This helps to turn large jobs into one-person efforts. 

Hovair round steel air bearing