Tips to Make Your Air Compressor Quieter

air compressorIndustrial compressors often produce lots of noise which isn’t just irritating to the employers but also affects their productivity and leads to frustration. In this piece we’ll explore some effective ways to reduce the air compressor noise, so you protect your industrial facility from noise pollution and provide a comfortable working environment to the workers.

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Material Handling: Frequently Asked Questions

Air bearingsWhether you run a manufacturing plant, a distribution company, a storage facility, or operate a warehouse, you need to have highly advanced, technology-equipped, durable, and secure material handling systems. As a leading material handling equipment provider in the US, with more than 50 years of experience, we can answer all your queries and guide you about the right equipment you may need for appropriate material handling at your facility.

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Steps Your Warehouse Must Take to Handle Materials Safely and Quickly

heavy-duty-transporter at HovairPeople working at warehouses are exposed to several health hazards that often cause lasting injuries and wounds, musculoskeletal disorders, or sicknesses and illnesses. Aside from increased exposure to harmful chemicals, their jobs are also physically challenging. From storage to material handling, lifting and transportation they need to do a majority of these things manually on daily basis.

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What Is a Lift Bag and Why Use It?

Air lifting bag used in a cargo planeDaily heavy load operations involve lifting many heavy things, like cars, machines, and debris. Your hydraulic jack may not be able to handle the weight, and there’s not enough room to put it in.

The worst possible thing that could happen is that the safety of your coworkers may be at stake if businesses do not get the latest lifting technologies for moving heavy loads. You need a quick and easy solution that fits in small places. Air lifting bag is one of the best solutions to deal with heavy loads in workplaces.

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Proper Handling of Bearings

Air bearingsAir bearings have several industrial applications, ranging from light to heavy loads. Since manufacturers ensure high-quality production of air bearings, they require careful and correct handling and maintenance. Elon Musk’s vision of a not-so-difficult Hyperloop in Mars involves the use of air bearings that would power the pod in a low-pressure tube.

Mounting the air bearings or not handling them correctly can lead to early failure. As a result, correct selection, use and proper handling are essential.

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Shipping Air Freight? Optimize Cost with the Right Plastic Pallet

Air pallets used for loading cargo into an aeroplaneAir pallets used during international shipping are either wood or plastic, which meets international requirements. Food and beverage companies, publishing houses, and textile merchants are just a few businesses that employ these pallets. The worldwide pallet market reached USD 78 billion in 2020, and the prediction is that it will touch USD 110 billion by 2027.

Pallet costs are frequently the first factor a shipper considers when deciding whether to use pallets or floor-loaded crates. The decision to transport pallets depends on several variables. The speed and efficiency of installing air pallets are essential factors to check whether they can minimize the shipping air freight costs. Moreover, sustainable and reusable air pallets are other vital factors.

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Air Bearings Applications and Design Guide

Air bearingsFor any mechanical engineer, bearing technology has been the first concern. It was not until rolling element bearings were introduced and were used in automobile wheels and electric motors. Soon after, the same bearings were tested for their technical limits with increased use in high-resolution scanning, high-speed machinery, and semiconductor manufacturing. It seems like air bearings are the next best bearing design with plenty of applications.

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Investing in New Equipment – Why is it a Good Idea?

A warehouse stacked with cartons ready for deliveryWhether you want to improve your customer service, improve inventory management, reduce product delivery time or mitigate the product handling costs, you need to invest in high-quality material handling equipment.
If you run a warehouse or a showroom, you need high-quality and automated devices and machinery to move, protect, store and control your inventory or vehicles throughout the production, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal processes. Regardless of which industry you belong to, you need high-quality equipment.

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