Questions about Matjack airlift bags

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What are Air Bag Lifting Tools Specifically Used For?

The Matjack air bag lifting device is used in conjunction with Hovair Systems load moving system – predominantly the air casters and bearing kits. Many loads that customers need to move do not have very much ground clearance to enable the load moving equipment to be placed underneath the load. This used to be a problem for some customers, but not any more! – see
this air bag lifting picture.

How Do They Work?

MatJack air bag lifting units are placed underneath the load that is going to be moved – remember, you only need a 1-inch clearance – a little to the left or right of the place the load moving module needs to be located.Apply compressed air to the air lift bag and watch it inflate – taking the load with it. The load module is then put into place underneath the load. The air bag lifting unit is gently lowered until the load is resting on the placed load module. If you have two modules to be placed on the same side of the load, then the air lift bag would be placed near the center – load weight permitting – attempting to lift the complete side of the load sufficiently to enable the placement of two or more air caster bearing modules. With one side’s load modules in place, the operation is carried out on the other side(s) of the load, eventually leaving the load sitting on the load moving equipment and the air bag lift unit removed from the scene. It really is that easy!

How Much of a Load Can They Lift?

The MatJack air bag lifting unit is available in a diverse range of sizes and weight capacities. The Matjack starts at the lowest weight capacity of 1 ton and can handle loads up to 40 tons and beyond.

Can Air Bag Lifting Tools be Used Independently of Hovair Systems Equipment?

Absolutely! You can use these terrific air lift bags in virtually any heavy load lifting scenario you could think of – within reason, of course. Here are some situations they are used in daily:

  • Police and Fire Rescue operations – road traffic accidents etc.
  • Changing wheels on heavy commercial vehicles, giant earth moving vehicles etc.
  • Manufactured home and house moving industries.
  • Mining, Military and Railroad industries.
  • In fact, anywhere where a heavy load or object needs to be lifted.

Will I Need To Buy Anything Else for My Air Bag Lifting Unit?

No, not usually! All MatJack air lift bag systems come complete with virtually everything you will need to have it operating quickly. You should be pretty much ready to go, right out of the bag.

Included with all systems are the following:

  • MatJack air bag lifting device of your choice.
  • Dead-man control – for inflating and deflating the air lift bag.
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Twenty feet of air hose line to connect dead-man control box and the air lift bag valve.
  • Operator manual
  • Carrying bag with printed instructions