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Heavy Duty Transporters

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Heavy duty transporters are the premium choice in heavy load moving. They can be designed to move loads beyond 300 tons. They are powered by air bearings, because of this, they are precise and accurate when moving.

Custom Design

We can build units to suit your exact needs. Capacities can begin at as little as 15 tons. Other options include lift-decks, steering & guide control, external tugger, wireless operation, and more.

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This transporter has a 50,000 pound weight capacity. It offers Integral steering control, which provides true omni-directional movement. As a result, it handles with high precision. This transporter operates solely on compressed air and internal battery power.

Below you will see a custom transporter built for the US Navy. This design supported an upper structure above the lower deck. Because of this, it was able to interface with previously existing equipment.

Transporters are recognized as one of the first choices for moving heavy haul equipment. They can improve process in any industry. They have been especially helpful in moving heavy transformers and aerospace components.

Thanks to their customization, Transporters can become an integral part of your facility. Moving heavy loads will become the most effective part of your routine. Transporters allow easy navigation through tight spaces, and will move impossibly large objects with little-to-no effort

Lift Decks

Allows unit to slide under a load, then lift it away from its berth before transporting.

Air Tugger

External air-powered drive unit. Connects with docking plate to then supply compressed air. It can then be driven and steer loads to new locations.