Military & Defense

aircraft carrier in the ocean

Military & Defense Applications

Air bearings are the secret to success when failure isn’t an option. Unparalleled in their weight capabilities, air casters & bearings move 1000 lbs of load for every 1 lb of force applied.

Pound-for-pound, compressed air systems exponentially outperform the ability of cranes and forklifts. Hovair products can quickly lift and transport loads with incredible accuracy.

We have enjoyed a long history in providing load moving systems for military & defense applications, partnering with organizations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Navy.


Aircraft Transport – Precision movement of multiple fighter jets into uniform position.


Rocket & Missile Assembly – Transporters that offer controlled rotation and handling of large rocket motor sections.


Offshore Storage – Move ships across dry land for reserve storage. Our Transporters cut transportation time by nearly 90%, and saved the U.S. Navy money and man-hours.

Hovair Products Used In Defense Applications

TuggersExternal air-powered drive unit. Connects with docking plate to then supply compressed air. It can then be driven and steer loads to new locations.


Transporters – Custom built to handle the shape and weight of a load. These devices can be remote operated, and can easily maneuver into tight spaces.


Lift Decks – Allows unit to slide under a load, then lift it away from its berth before transporting.


Turntables – Provides rotation capabilities for areas with limited work space.