Air Bearings have countless applications in the manufacturing and movement of heavy machinery. Our systems make movement of sea-fairing vessels possible even outside of the shipyard.


From cruise ships to aircraft carriers, our load moving equipment will assist in countless ways.


Products that have been used for this industry include: transporters, turntables, tuggers, and embedded air bearing systems.

Shipyard Applications

Assembly Line – Believe it or not, a 100 ton vessel can be moved down an assembly line. We do this using by creating a moving platform. Our air bearing systems reduce the weight of the platform itself by up to 99.5%


Cruise Ship Services – We can hardly imagine all of the creative uses for our moving equipment. In one case, a client was able to move industrial laundry machines on, off, and around cruise ships using air bearing systems.


Launch – Omni-directional movement that has more lifting ability and control than cranes or wheeled systems.


Offshore Storage – Contrary to popular belief, a ship can move across dry land. Hovair Systems helped the US Navy save time and money by transporting ships to a safe location.