Reel & Roll Handling


Reel & Roll Handling

Hovair Systems Reel & Roll Handling Equipment offers a simple solution for moving heavy rolls and coils.


Operating on a thin film of air, drum & paper roll handlers offer a cost-effective moving solution. Minimal effort is required by operators to move these industrial products.


Air Bearings operate like a hovercraft. When an object is floated, 1 pound of force will move 1000 lbs of load. Our moving products have saved  warehouses & manufacturing facilities countless hours.

Applications & Benefits of Roll Handlers

Move & maneuver coils, drums, electric cabling, paper rolls, and much more.


Capacity – Standard lines easily support between 8,000 – 12,000 lbs. Higher capacity options also available.


Floor Damage – Reduce wear & tear as your air handling system floats just above the floor surface. Our products provide long-lasting benefits.


Movement & Storage Efficiency – Air Bearings can be pushed and pulled in any direction. Movement won’t be limited to the natural dimensions of the roll being maneuvered.


Time Saved – Move more product in less time, improve process & workflow.


Weight Reduction – Less effort is required to move products by hand when they are floated on air.