Mass Transit


Mass Transit

Mass transit vehicles like trains and rail cars are a fast and efficient way of moving lots of people. While rail systems are a practical transportation method, they are best left to vast expanses of land.


Railways are a complex & interconnected network that just don’t make the cut within manufacturing facilities. For situations like this, Hovair Systems provides alternative moving methods that save engineers loads of time.

Applications & Benefits

Assembly – Our transporters fit beneath transit vehicles for free floating omni-directional movement. Only two people are required to move train sets anywhere you need around a facility.


Railfree Workshop – Our air bearing technology allows carriages and other equipment to move within the workshop unconstrained by rails.


Storage – With the ability to move and rotate wherever necessary, storing complete rail cars is simple. Tight & uniform placement is made possible with our moving equipment.


Lifting Ability – high pressure lifting bags can support weights far exceeding the capabilities of most mechanical jacks. This allows for placement onto tracks, and makes replacing parts a breeze.

Featured Products

Air Bearings – Also known as air casters, this is the flagship technology for all of our products. Air bearings are used to channel compressed air, and then used to float heavy loads.


Transporters – Specially designed for rail-car moving applications. Two transporters are enough to support a large carriage. Lifting and moving are made easy with control column and handle.


Lifting Bags – These kevlar-reinforced products come in many shapes and sizes, and can lift up to 86 tons. Their unique capabilities are utilized in manufacturing facilities, material handling practices, and rescue & recovery efforts