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Industrial Turntables

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Industrial Turntables are a truly versatile product. They greatly assist work processes in shipping & manufacturing industries. Hovair Systems also offers a wide range of vehicle turntables for dealership or residential use.

We design turntables to meet your exact needs. Because of our exceptional industrial turntable design, you won’t have to worry about altering your facility. While turntables can be permanently installed, you can also easily move them with a forklift.

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Typically our turntables are powered by our flagship air bearing systems. Alternatively, we also offer Electro-mechanically powered options.

Air Bearing Systems create motion by channeling the power of compressed air. Our turntables can rotate forwards and backwards, and feature preset stopping points. Control options include a pedestal panel, hand pendant, or foot panel, with optional speeds up to 25 RPM.

Below is a breakdown of our product. The Air Bearings lift the table, allowing it to move even when it is supporting a heavy object. After that, the small motor on the side can easily rotate the table top. Air Bearings allow one pound of applied pressure to move 1,000 lbs of mass. Because of this, very little force is required to spin the table. You can also notice the rectangular openings for transportation via forklift.

Turntables are incredibly useful. They greatly improve processes in material handling and manufacturing workflows. See a video of our products in action here.