Square Aluminum Module


Air Bearings and Caster Modules

The hub of our pneumatic powered load moving systems is the effective use of air bearings and caster modules as heavy machinery moving equipment. Air bearings and caster modules independently, however. They need to be incorporated into the load moving equipment, such as air bearing kits, additional caster modules,cannot work air beams, pallets, transporters etc.

Our most popular load moving and machinery moving equipment are Air Bearing Kits, mainly because of their versatility and flexibility in handling your machinery moving needs. One simple kit could take care of moving several of your heavy machines. Depending on the type of load to be moved, you will need to job, and also the right type of module for the job. And both are equally as important.

decide on two options:    the right air bearing for the

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Air Caster Modules

All Hovair Systems air caster modules are strong enough to support the weight of the loads their air bearings are designed to lift and move. There are several module options to choose from which are described below.