Vehicle Manufacturing


Vehicle Manufacturing

From cars to construction equipment, vehicle manufacturing facilities across the world have used Air Bearings & Transporters for their assembly process. Before a crane or bulldozer can move the earth, it must first be moved through the stages of its production.

Hovair In History

Deere & Company used our vehicle transporters during their tractor assembly process. During production, this load moving equipment carried the tractors through the assembly line. A similar solution was provided to Caterpillar for their excavators.

Farm Equipment Assembly

In a recent use case, our client needed to move axles that weighed 4,5000 lbs. They had been using two men and a forklift to raise the axle, and then attach the wheels.


Our solution was to create a scissor-lift with air bearings underneath. This load handling system was able to raise and position the axle with careful precision, and was also safer than the previous method.


Normally this job would take 2 people 45 minutes per axle. Ultimately our products reduced that to a one-person effort, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Assembly Line Moving – Improve workflow and reduce cycle times by moving your platform down the line.


Lift & Lower – Custom solutions that are designed for your specific use case.


Precision Positioning – Our load moving systems offer true omni-directional movement. Motion is not restricted by wheels, axles, gears, and levers.