All You Need to Know About Air Lifting Bags

Air lifting bags have made their mark on the heavy loading industry. They are being used in different industries like the automotive industry. The bags are safer to use thanks to the utilization of high-quality resources, workmanship, and stringent quality monitoring. They can hoist tons of weight at various pressurized air levels.

Air lift bag kit

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Shipyard Industry and Applications of Air Bearings In It

The American boatbuilding sector has a long history back to the American Revolution. The USA has three long shorelines and also multiple docks and waterways where shipbuilding enterprises have operated for over two hundred years.

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Lift Decks – What Are They & How to Buy Them

Lift deck motorized steered vehicles carry items to and from platforms and are perfect for carrying stacks and trolleys. These machines can transport a variety of packages and offer maximum versatility. Lift decks are fitted with weight topping sensing devices that can properly position cargoes irrespective of container dimensions. Furthermore, their adjustable lift elevation enables them to be tailored to your exact requirements.

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How to Choose the Best Air Pallets for Material Handling

Many boxes placed in a warehouseMaterial handling is a crucial aspect of any business, and if you wish to thrive in the industry, you need to plan for it. Moving and lifting products from one point to another is not as simple as one might think and can lead to severe consequences. If the product flow is not better, then the whole system can get compromised. It’s essential to opt for the right equipment for your warehouse or any other industry to maximize profit on each product.

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How Can Hovair Benefit from Mass Transit Applications

A modern model of a trainPrivate transportation is popular because it’s often administered on a timetable, operated on known itineraries, and charges a posted price for each journey. Similarly, public transportation provides transportation network for travelers through collective commute methods accessible to a wider audience.

Now, the question is, how can leading companies like Hovair benefit from mass transit applications?

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Air Bearings & Its Applications in the Entertainment Industry

To execute high-speed operations without precession problems, the vast majority of businesses now use air bearings rather than traditional metal contact bearings. A wide range of bearings available on the market is ineffective at reducing friction. Roller bearings, for example, frequently cause contact between the surfaces during operation, resulting in heat generation and machine wear and tear.

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Types of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles)

a construction siteIf you visit an advanced warehouse or construction site, you’ll see a wide range of vehicles traveling and moving around autonomously without a driver or an operator. These are referred to as automatic guided vehicles or AGVs, also known in many industries as self-guided vehicles.

These are some of the most advanced material handling equipment found in industries these days. If you’re wondering what they do and how they work, here are three different AGV types to help you understand.

Automated Guided Carts

If there’s one basic AGV consisting of all the primary AGV features that all the other AGV types have, it’s the automated guided carts. Also known as AGCs,  these are the most popular kinds of automated guided vehicles with various navigation systems depending on their industrial applications.

These include complex navigation systems, magnetic tape systems, sensor-based systems, and more. Apart from being used to transport smaller loads, AGCs also come in handy for industries involved in storing and compartmentalizing loads.

Forklift AGVs

Another most popular type of automated guided vehicle is a forklift AGV. These are high-quality vehicles used for transporting materials from one location to another to store them safely.

These vehicles operate the same way as human-operated forklifts. However, the only difference is that forklift AGVs work through an automated mechanism without the need for a human operator.

Heavy Burden Carriers

If there’s one type of AGV that’s relied upon to carry and haul the heaviest loads, it’s the heavy burden carriers. These carriers are a unique type of AGV with extensive applications in industries requiring large assemblies.

These carriers are automated. Therefore, they can self-load materials through their pivot steering features.

a forklift AGVNow that you know what AGVs are, how they operate, and how they’re different from the rest of their types, you may be looking for the best ways to handle these vehicles efficiently. It’s always a good idea to resort to a company known for manufacturing the right material handling equipment for this purpose.

At Hovair Systems, we’re known for our extensive experience and commitment towards providing every industry with high-quality heavy load handling systems and ergonomic equipment moving systems. You can now rely on us to find multiple products, including load leveling airbags, airlifting bags, car turntables, air skates, air pallets, air skids, and more. Check out our products here or contact us to learn more today!

Air Lifting Tools vs. Electric Tools | What’s the Best Choice for Manufacturers?

Tools are an essential part of the manufacturing industry. However, a project’s success depends on the kinds of tools you choose for each task. Airlifting and electric tools are the most common during these practices. Here’s a quick comparison between both to help you pick the right one.


The first thing to keep in mind when determining which kind of tool is the best for the manufacturers is the strength each tool possesses. In other words, it’s crucial to understand the mechanisms of both airlifting and electric tools before choosing between the two.

A tool’s punch refers to the process it employs to complete the job. Airlifting or pneumatic tools are stronger and more adjustable than electric tools. Despite the benefits of cordless tools among electric devices, airlifting tools remain superior due to their adjustable punch.


The costs are a significant cause for concern among manufacturers who don’t want their money to go to waste. Therefore, it’s crucial to think about the long-term costs of both pneumatic and electric tools.

If you choose to invest in airlifting tools, you may have to bear higher upfront costs. However, the backend costs of these tools are significantly lower. Similarly, electric tools might be affordable to purchase, but their frequent maintenance and need for replacement may result in higher costs.


Lastly, it’s crucial to think about the feel of each tool to determine its usability. For instance, if you choose to work with airlifting tool, you’ll notice how it’s lighter and easier to work with for a longer time.

Similarly, electric tools are relatively heavier but can also benefit some users by being cordless. Choosing between both kinds of tools depends on the duration of their usage.

airlifting bagsAirlifting tools offer a lot more benefits and ease for manufacturing companies than electric power tools. However, choosing the right company that specializes in manufacturing material handling equipment is critical if you want to make the most out of airlifting tools for your company. You can now get started by checking out the heavy machinery lifting equipment offered by us at Hovair Systems.

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge, we know what a company needs. Therefore, we continue to offer the best heavy load handling systems and ergonomic equipment moving systems. Some of our most sought-after products include load leveling airbags, airlifting bags, car turntables, air skates, air pallets, air skids, and more. Check out our products here or contact us to learn more today!