More on square aluminum modules

Square aluminum air caster modules are strong and robust structures capable of supporting the proportionate weight of loads weighing many tons. As machine moving equipment, they have a profile height of just over 2 inches. They can slide under loads and machines with suitable heights, often making them an ideal solution as machine moving equipment. They are also the most suitable module for when a load can be placed directly onto the modules. Ask your Hovair Systems support contact for details.

The low profile of this module requires just over a 2″ height clearance. Ordinary 90 psi air is required to inflate it.

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View RS & SA technical specifications (pdf)

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Standard Module Air Bearing Weight Capacities

600 SA9 9NSG
1000 SA12 12NSG
2000 SA16 16NSG
2500 SA18 18NSG
4000 SA22 22NSG
6000 SA28 28NSG
10000 SA34 34NSG
14000 SA40 40NSG
18000 SA44 44NSG
30000 SA4870 4468NDGE

Heavy Duty Module Air Bearing Weight Capacities



2000 SA12 12NSG-HD
4000 SA16 16NSG-HD
5000 SA18 18NSG-HD
8000 SA22 22NSG-HD
12000 SA28 28NSG-HD
20000 SA34 34NSG-HD
28000 SA40 40NSG-HD
36000 SA44 44NSG-HD
60000 SA4870 4468NDGE-HD

Here is a typical square aluminum module system footprint diagram highlighting the various elements of the system and how they connect together.

Please note: Any Hovair square aluminum air bearing system can be operated via optional remote control.
If a remote control is used, the air flow control valves shown above are replaced by air inlet ports and all module air pressure regulation is done at the remote control box.New To Air Bearings? For Everything You Need To Know –