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Transporters can be fitted with A-type bearings

A-type Air Bearings

Hovair A-type air bearings are designed to move loads laterally across floor surfaces with “just enough” lift to cause the load to clear the floor and float smoothly.

Cross-section of an A-type air bearing.

The three stages of an A-type air bearing operation.

A-type air bearing information

Benefits of using A-type air bearings include:

  • A-type bearings are most suitable when fitted permanently to a load, such as machinery or large heavy objects that need to be floated but not lifted. Also, these are ideal for situations where loads can be placed directly onto the air bearings/load modules, therefore not requiring the load to be lifted by the air bearings before moving across the floor.
  • Use A-type bearings when the load needs little lift and floor surface is smooth and level, resulting in the most efficient use of compressed air.
  • A-type bearings consist of a tough urethane fabric that is securely stapled to an aluminum backplate. This bearing can withstand tougher load handling, requires lower air pressure, less air, and is generally most economical and longer wearing.
  • A-type bearings are available in round steel and aluminum load modules, air pallets, platform transporters, and air beams. These products offer a broad selection when choosing the right bearing for the job.

Be sure to contact us for assistance in choosing the right air bearing for your particular job.