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Hovair Systems - Product Video Demonstrations

Air Pallet Demonstration

Air Pallets are ideal for factory or warehouse use in the same way you might use a cart or wheeled-pallet. Hovair products reduce the weight of heavy loads by lifting them with compressed air. Air pallets can make moving many tons feel like moving only a few pounds.

Air Bearing Demonstration

This client-made video shows the entire air bearing process. The air bearings elevate to meet and support the heavy machine. A supply of pressure pushes the bearing system up and away from the floor. Now the entire system can move freely around the work space.

Turntable Demonstration

Hovair Systems produces vehicle turntables, as well as industrial turntables. These air bearing systems are useful in shipping & receiving, material handling, moving heavy equipment, car dealerships & showrooms, and private residences.

Mobile Crane Customization

We converted an overhead Gantry Crane for mobility by adding a set of four air bearing modules to the feet. The benefits of this type of conversion are tremendous, and add mobility to an otherwise permanent fixture. By plugging the modules into an air supply one person can float a heavy object to a new location.

Air Bearing Demonstration

Air Bearings lift heavy loads using the power of compressed air. In this a set of four heavy steel girders are easily glided across our factory floor. This 4-bearing configuration could easily move up to 4 tons with no additional adjustment.

Heavy Duty Transporter Demonstration

This demonstration videos highlights the superb operational control of a 25 ton transporter designed and engineered for Clean Room operations. The joystick panel permits omni-directional control, so this heavy duty transporter can easily glide across a factory floor.