Power Generation


Power Generation

The power generation industry faces problems both large and small. Our products offer unparalleled weight capacity, allowing them to lift enormous fuel & storage tanks.


Just as well, they offer precision movement that can be used to carefully place solar panels, or more delicate objects.


Hovair’s load moving equipment offers the best of both worlds, offering solutions to both nuclear & renewable energy plants.

Applications for Power Generation

Transformer Manufacturing – Easily move machines through the various stages of their assembly process.


Generator Installation – These heavy generators were swiftly put in place using our air bearing systems. They can easily be replaced thanks to our moving equipment.


Vehicle Transport – Some facilities make use of specialty vehicles. Our transporters allow a vehicle to be parked on top, and then moved to a new destination. This can be great for navigating tight spaces, or reducing the weight of heavy machinery that an elevated floor may not support.

Featured Products

Air Beams – Used to evenly distribute the weight of load.


Lift Deck – Installed into the air beam system, this allowed the beams to connect with and then carry off a 15,000 lb container.


Transporters – Can be custom designed to slid in beneath the support structure of a Transformer, or other large device.