Vehicle Turntables

Vehicle Turntables

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Vehicle Turntables

Vehicle turntables are built for cars, trucks, and anything else on wheels. They are an ideal addition to a residence, showroom, or industrial location.

Our in-ground automobile turntables are perfect for garages or driveways. They require little maintenance once installed, and are most noteworthy for their discrete design. Turntables increase usable space in confined areas, and reduce storage limitations.

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Turntable Demonstration

Typically our turntables are powered by our flagship air bearing systems. Alternatively, we also offer electro-mechanically powered options.

Air Bearing Systems create motion by channeling the power of compressed air. Our turntables can rotate forwards and backwards, and feature preset stopping points. Control options include a pedestal panel, hand pendant, or foot panel, with optional speeds up to 25 RPM.

The Air Bearings lift the table, allowing it to move even when it is supporting a heavy object. After that, the small motor on the side can easily rotate the table top. Air Bearings allow one pound of applied pressure to move 1,000 lbs of mass. Because of this, very little force is required to spin the table.

Turntables are great for updating an area, without need for major renovations. After a table is installed, a vehicle may enter through its normal route. Next, the table spins the vehicle, requiring only a small space to maneuver. Finally the vehicle is turned completely around. This solution greatly benefits confined areas that face space restrictions.

There’s a lot to know about our vehicle & showroom turntables. Click here to find out more!