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Mat jack products provide industry-leading solutions for heavy lifting & moving. Their abilities offer the perfect aid to many of our air handling devices. Hovair Systems Mfg. is a certified distributor of Matjack products.

Matjack’s versatile tools, like some of the best Matjack airbags for example, aid workers in many industries, including: manufacturing, heavy machine lifting, fire & rescue, and towing & recovery. These durable products can withstand high pressure, and will lift loads up to 86 tons.

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– 100% recycled, non-slip textured construction.
– Stronger than wood: no cracks, splinters, or rot.
– Nearly indestructible with 50-year warranty.
– Various products for use in Fire & Rescue, mining, construction, and more.

Jumbo Turbo Safelift Recovery Cushions

– First choice in Recovery efforts.
– Sloped & Flat top design to follow lifts.
– Never loses contact.
– Comes in set of 8 jumbos and 3 starters.

– At 15 psi 1 bar of pressure supports 35,000lbs.
– Kevlar/ Aramid fiber Neoprene construction.
– Provides height for lifting heavy tonnage.
– Uses volume to create lift.

Landing Safelift Bags

– Each bag handles up to 40,000 lbs.
– “Catch” load, control rate of descent.
– Available in complete set or individually.
– Recovery & Uprights of tractor trailers and tracked equipment.

– Capacity range from 2.5 – 10 tons.
– Hypalon & Neoprene construction for durability and strength.
– 12 standard sizes, with custom sizing available.
– Weight capacity increases as cushion inflates.

Custom Airbag Cushions

– Custom made to your specifications.
– cost effective and timely production.
– Custom bags built to resemble high pressure airbag quality.
– Custom cushions resemble low & medium pressure bags.