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Air pallets are another form of Aluminum Transporter. They are a perfect material handling equipment for use in warehouses, and other similar environments.

They are ideal for moving heavy loads that are of standard shapes and sizes. Because they float on air bearings, they can move much heavier objects than typical carts or pallet jacks.

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Pallets can be custom built to your specific needs. Because of this, they can easily transport capacities ranging from 500-60,000lbs or more. Pallets start at 3 feet in width.

Hovair Systems recommends this product as a solution for holding weight. Air Pallets facilitate repeat movement of objects within a factory or warehouse. Their most noteworthy feature is the ability to mobilize equipment. As a result, it will reduce time and resources spent managing your facility.

In the video above we demonstrate how easy it is to operate an air pallet. Because they float on air bearings, they can move in any direction with little restriction.

Here you will see the air bearing pads, which expel compressed air. This capability is what allows the pallet to float above the floor surface.

Pallets feature a push handle assembly, this is where you can control the flow of air into the system. The trigger provides the ability to activate the air supply easily. The balancing valves guarantee sufficient air supply to the individual bearings. This is useful for loads that have different weights or weight distribution. There is also a mechanism to gauge the available air supply needed to operate the pallet.