Air Bearing Applications

Learn about the many Air Bearing Applications and industries

scaffolding and support structures surrounding an aircraft being assembled in a manufacturing facility

Aircraft Manufacturing

Learn how everything  from heavy engines to entire aircraft can be moved on air bearings. Industry-leading manufacturers like Boeing use air bearing systems for their precision movement.

Embedded Systems

Air Bearing & Air Caster Systems can be permanently affixed to your heavy machinery. This allows for greater facility management by turning stationary devices into mobile solutions.


Need to move hundreds of rows of seats? Or how about creating special-effects for the silver screen? Our products have been used for stage performances, and featured on late night tv!

Mass Transit Manufacturing

While railways are a great method of transportation, they aren’t particularly effective indoors. Manufacturers benefit greatly from the lifting and moving power of Hovair Transporters to maneuver rail cars during assembly.

aircraft carrier in the ocean

Military & Defense

Hovair has provided transporters, lift decks, tuggers, and industrial turntables for military and defense applications.

Power Generation

From Nuclear to Renewable Energy, there are many needs to move power generating devices. Our products can move the heaviest generators, and can carefully position the most delicate solar panel.

Reel & Roll Handling

Though the wheel is the long-standing king of moving, it isn’t ideal for every situation. Our Roll handling equipment easily lifts reels and coils that weigh thousands of pounds.


Hovair Systems has moved nautical vessels through the assembly line, and over dry land. Where other moving solutions fall short, air bearings pick up the slack.


Can one device move, lift, and rotate a rocket cylinder during assembly? Of course! Hovair air casters have provided the ideal load moving solutions to spacecraft manufacturers.


Vehicle Manufacturing

Assembly lines will never be the same. Vehicle Manufacturers like GM and Caterpillar are using air bearings to lower cycle times.