Aluminum Transporters

Aluminum Transporters

Aluminum Transporters are air-powered pallets that move heavy loads. Here is a fine example of a Hovair Systems transporter being used in a safety crash testing facility in the U.S.A. This is a 78″ x 84″ transporter with 8 x 16″ air-bearings on board. The transporter is being used in conjunction with safety crash testing facilities, where it quickly aligns vehicles into different positions for a variety of safety crash tests.

This facility previously used forklift trucks to try and align the vehicles for testing. This was a time consuming exercise and rarely could the forklifts get the vehicles into accurate positions for testing.Aluminum pallets are omni-directional, meaning they can be maneuvered easily in any way. Because they float on air, they are not limited to the radius a wheel and axis face.

After switching to Hovair Systems aluminum pallet transporters, the company can now align their vehicles in minutes instead of the hours it took previously. Not only will this boost productivity, but overall safety has been greatly enhanced, too.

Because it is powered by air, this state-of-the-art load moving system is environmentally friendly. All it requires for lift is a few psis of compressed air. No gas, oil, or grease is required, and there’s no fumes or dangerous emissions.

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