Embedded Systems

July 18

Embedded Systems

In the world of manufacturing, specialty machines and equipment come in a variety of configurations. Embedded  systems provide an all-inclusive moving solution that can fit any situation.


Embedded air bearings are used to move heavy machinery, storage units, and other equipment around your manufacturing facility. The systems are permanently attached to the bottom of a structure, and made mobile by a compressed air supply.


This moving solution gives a new level of control over manufacturing facilities. Processes and productivity are no longer limited to stationary devices. Take your equipment wherever you need it using Hovair Systems.

Applications of Embedded Systems

Racks & Storage – Tightly align shelving units into a compact space, and remove or open rows when access is needed.


Overhead Crane Conversion – Bring your warehouse crane where you need it when space is confined.


Mobile Equipment – Equipment and machinery that was once stationary is easily made mobile with embedded systems.


Facility Management – Optimize and minimize space needed to perform routine functions.


Rigging – Reduce cost and time spent to secure a move, embedded air bearings are ready for operation as soon as the air is flowing.


Click Here to watch a video of our overhead crane conversion.