See a MatJack Air lift bag progression

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Air Lifting Bag Progression

The following progression illustrates just how effective a MatJack lifting bag can be when used in conjunction with Hovair Systems products.

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Aluminum load on lumber support awaiting move. A one-inch clearance enables MatJack to be placed.

MatJack is inflated sufficiently to remove lumber. Lumber support is now ready to be removed.

Lumber has been removed and space cleared for Hovair Load Module to be placed under the load.



Hovair Load Module is placed under the load. The MatJack is now ready to be removed. The deflate button is pressed on the remote control.



The Matjack has been deflated and remove from the scene. Repeat for the other module placings.

Job Done! It really is that easy!

A typical MatJack setup showing a 13-ton capacity lifting bag, 20 feet of air line hose and the dead-man remote controller.

Did You Know That MatJack Air Lifting Bags and Hovair Systems load moving products are environmentally friendly? That’s Right! Both products use only clean fresh (compressed) air to operate.