Car – Vehicle Turntables

Car - Vehicle Turntables

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Hovair Systems has been a world leader in the design and production of car, automobile and truck vehicle turntables for many years. Very often the number one choice for many companies, we offer a diverse range of turntables for cars, trucks, specialty uses and the automobile industry.

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For residential use we offer in-ground car turntables for garage or driveway use. Here are some of the benefits to installing a Hovair Systems turntable at your property:

  • Install to garage or driveway using in-ground or DIY car turntable& drive pits
  • All pit ring construction components supplied ahead of time for contractor use
  • Choose from air bearing or electro-mechanical powered installation
  • Choose from multi-position stops and starts
  • Safe and reliable with very little maintenance to worry about
  • Easy-to-use control panel for internal use
  • Garage door opener style clickers for in-car use
  • No more turning in tight driveway or garage spaces
  • No more reversing out onto busy streets
  • Contractor drawings supplied with each model