Types of Car Turntables: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Turntables are intended in a way that fits the requirements of a wide variety of users. These can be personalized to fit a definite state taking record of parking and car size, exit gateways, transport weights, and quantity. Personalized car turntables can be constructed with your preferred substances that blend in with current surroundings, like hardwood, concrete, tiles, paver, and other materials. These models are intended to provide the overall floor design of your garage/ commercial space/ auto show.

Turntables are installed in a couple of versions, namely the Above-ground Version, which does not require excavation to install, and the In-ground Version demands the garage floor be excavated. The above-ground Version is not flush with the garage pad or driveaway. In-ground Version flush with the driveway or garage pad. The types of vehicle turntables are as follows:

All About Types of Car Turntables Available in the Market

Residential Turntables

Homeowners fix residential turntables within your home, where they might have a little area for their multiple cars. This will facilitate your departures if they own a narrow driveway, and it will additionally generate an appealing appearance for their garage. The turntable will also guarantee they maximize their parking space by putting the cars even in tight driveways. The turntable makes parking a breeze for homeowners by eliminating the need to maneuver the vehicles or drive in reverse to come in & out of the driveway. Residential space-saving solutions are helpful to vehicle drivers when they are ready to leave as they can rotate the car turntable 180 degrees.

Heavy-Duty Turntables

Logistics are laid out well in the manufacturing sector, and every step is strictly planned to keep the process smooth. Still, it can be disputing in a company that employs multiple heavy-duty vehicles to distribute and carry. Parking the wagons or trucks for loading and later driving out is a hectic process, primarily if the driveways are confined and the vehicles are gigantic. With the evolution of heavy-duty turntables, commercial owners can now install heavy-duty turntables at their factories, warehouses, facilities, etc., to ensure the vehicles are strategically placed, loaded, and proceeds to the desired destination soon.

Moreover, the installation of a heavy-duty turntable ensures that the supply chain would be running without delays, ultimately saving time and money. The business owner can put multiple vehicles on the same rotating platform by installing a giant turntable, facilitating the easy loading of multiple trucks simultaneously. Heavy-duty turntables assure the safety of staff members, goods, and vehicles by preventing collisions caused by reversing, thus ensuring the loading, transport, and delivery processes are improved. Apart from a turntable, installing Aluminum Transporters at your facility is also the best bet as it is ideal when applied to standard-sized load moving. Moreover, they provide a swift means of moving things across a factory or warehouse floor.

Automotive Display Car Turntables

When cars are meant for commercial purposes, including car auctions, or car shows, the car owners need to have a display turntable. Potential buyers love motion, and all the eyes will be at your cars as they rotate. The motion explicates the brilliant pictures of the car from each angle, and the potential buyer need not walk around the car to see it. In auctions, most people buy cars following the looks. Installing an automotive display turntable can showcase your vehicles correctly. Besides, you can get this turntable installed on a temporary or permanent basis, plus you can customize it to your personal needs or fit your business brand.

Motion Control/ Photo Booth Car Turntables

Want to capture appealing photos of your cars for commercial or internet use? To serve the purpose, a photo booth turntable is your resort. It’s not always easy to click excellent pictures from your parking lot or street, especially when you own multiple similar models. By getting yourself a turntable, you can rotate your vehicle and click some appealing photos from any or every angle. This turntable enables you to rotate your vehicle without rotating it manually to click some good shots, which, in turn, saves time, and you will get good shots of your cars.


Now that you have learned the types of Vehicle Turntables, installing them at home, facility, warehouse, or any other commercial space with tight driveways is always ideal. Also, it is helpful in vehicle auctions. We at Hovair Systems offer a series of products, including Aluminum Transporters, that can help you reap more profits.

What to Consider When Moving Heavy Machinery?

Have you ever moved from one house to another? If yes, then you must be aware of all the work that comes along with it. It involves moving heavy furniture, making sure that everything is moved safely, double-checking the fragile stuff, and a lot more. Now imagine the same, but it’s your business that is moving. The tasks just go multiplied by 100.

When you’re moving your business, is usually requires moving heavy machinery, and you can’t just throw all that stuff in a moving truck. You have to make sure that everything is moved carefully because these heavy machines could be your business’ most valuable and, at times, irreplaceable assets. Therefore, handling your heavy machinery adequately becomes a priority when moving your business.

If you’re moving your business for the first time, then you might consider the following things before moving your heavy machinery as you don’t want to take any chances.

Make a strategy

The first thing that you should do is make a strategy. You exactly need to know how things should be moving from one place to another. Make a plan a stick to it; what equipment goes in the first batch and goes in the later ones should already be decided by you. Make sure to transport the heaviest and most important machinery first, and what comes later will only make things easy.

Moving such heavy machinery will require heavy equipment movers, which you won’t find lying around. We advise that you contact moving companies as they will help you out with your transportation needs.

It is important to note that if you DIY everything, then there is a risk that you might end up mismanaging a lot of things. That’s why we advise you to contact a reputable moving company who are experts in moving heavy industrial machinery. Having people around who know what they’re doing is always a good idea, especially for first-time movers.

Time is money

Done with making a plan? Good, now let’s set some timelines for all the decided tasks. What you need to do is assign a time for every machine you move. The time should start the moment your machine is loaded in the truck until it is delivered to your location. Why are we emphasizing on time? Because most first-time movers make the mistake of allotting a single time slot for the entire transportation. This is where it all goes wrong; you could have many things that can up unexpectedly like a flat tire, traffic, or even setting up your machinery could take more time than you might’ve assumed. Therefore, assigning individual time slots for every machine movement gives you more flexibility.

Get to the details

If you think you’ve got it all figured out, then think again. After planning and allotting time for each transportation, you need to get into the details of how will you be moving your heavy machinery? The best way to do it by going through the manufacturer’s manual. It will guide you about everything that you should do so any and all accidents could be avoided while moving.

In the manual, you will find about how to safely remove the batteries, empty the engine fluids, secure loose parts, and other important things. Try to follow the manual as much as you can, as having an accident is the last thing you’d want.

Moving heavy machinery might also require special permits – this is where your transporter could help you. They are well aware of all the legal requirements and have the necessary Heavy Haul Equipment so your transportation could be without any trouble.

And lastly, you’ll need to cover all the sensitive parts of the machines. These parts are sensitive because there is a chance that they can be damaged by wind or rain. You need to remember that the heavy equipment will be transported in trucks, so the last you’d want is environmental damage.

We’re here for you

Transporting heavy machinery is a tough job, but with the right people, it becomes less troublesome. If you’re looking to get machines or services that could help you in moving heavy machinery, then you’ve come to the right place as Hovair Systems is in this business for more than 50 years. We have all the needed equipment like industrial and car turntables as they will ensure that you have a smooth machine moving experience.