Aluminum Transporters


Hovair System’s aluminum based, load-mobilizing air pallets use compressed air to harness required power to lift and mobilize standard shape and size loads. Hovair offers flexible, smart, and cost-effective ways of transporting standard-sized heavy loads, compared to other multiple module systems.

The capacity and size of the air bearing installed in your lifter or air pallet will differ according to the weight and type of load you are mobilizing with these air transporters. That being said, the number of air bearings will multiply as the size and weight bearing capacity of the air pallet increases. Generally, a standard air lifter contains four A-type air bearings with weight-supporting capacity of 4000 pounds or 2 tons and 4ft x 3ft dimensions. It is also relatively simple to increase capacity as the bearing replacement process only requires replacement of one hex-head bolt with (A-Type) bearing and 5 bolts with (B-Type) air bearing.

Air flow control is via a manifold at one end on the transporter. This

manifold incorporates air flow control valves for each air bearing, as well as an On/Off ball valve that connects to the air supply source.

Air bearing replacement is a simple process and requires the removal of 1 hex-head bolt for A-type air bearings and 5 bolts for the B-type air bearings.

Push handle is optional.

Click the graphic to watch an Aluminum Transporter demo movie (3mb).