Rigging Equipment



Hovair Systems air powered load moving products make the perfect rigging system when the going gets tough. Whether you are moving heavy machinery or awkward size and shape loads or even theater equipment, these air powered tools provide the ideal rigging equipment for the job in hand.

Using air powered load moving products as part of your rigging equipment toolbox will almost certainly add an extra dimension to your rigging capabilities. Here are some of the benefits to using Hovair Systems rigging equipment:

  • Easily handle loads up to 100 tons and beyond
  • Can handle any size or shape load with ease
  • Machinery with disproportionate weight balance – no problem
  • Rigging equipment air bearing kits are ready to go out of the box
  • Kits include all components and hardware necessary to plug in and go
  • Air powered load moving systems only need compressed air – no other power
  • Choose from air bearing kits, air pallets or air beams
  • Environmentally friendly – great for clean room operations
  • Easy to set up and use. No special training necessary
  • Anyone can use these products – guys,gals, even the boss

Here are some typical load moving products being used as rigging equipment.

Round steel air bearing kit complete with everything necessary to snap together, plug in your air, and go! Often used for permanent attachment to heavy machinery when repetitive movements are required. Each caster can be individually adjusted for air flow.

Square aluminum air bearing kit complete with optional remote control unit and all necessary components. Popular with rigging companies, these kits allow you to place loads directly onto them, or slide them underneath where space permits

Lightweight, aluminum air bearing kit complete with high lift air bearings and remote control as standard. Very low profile of around 1½” and can slide under suitable machinery and loads. What better lightweight rigging equipment? Tremendous lifting power.

Lightweight, aluminum, platform transporters are a fine alternative to the air bearing kits. Sizes start at 4 ft x 3 ft and each transporter has 4 air bearings on board. Controls are via a side-facing manifold which offers easy adjustment and air flow control.

Or how about turning your overhead gantry crane into a mobile lifting unit? No longer would the gantry be stuck in the loading dock. Connect your air line and take it to any location in your facility that needs a load lifting. Subject to local safety regulations, you could move the gantry from dock to dock, or use it to lift heavy machinery onto air bearing load moving systems, and lots more.

Thanks to the omni-directional features of these amazing air bearings, your gantry crane can now move to places that it couldn’t reach before. The only restrictions being the height and narrowest part of the gantry. Rated as one of the best rigging system, it saves both time and money!

Please note: Regardless of the lifting capacity of air bearings fitted, the gantry crane will still only be able to safely lift the capacity it was designed for.