Remote Control Units



Remote Control Units are available for virtually all types of air bearings and air casters. These units give the operator total control of all supplied to the system as well the ability to control the air flow to each individual air bearing from a central point.

Remote control units are optional on nearly all air bearing kit systems, and the ARC unit is standard on “high-lift”
B-bearing kit systems.


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Benefits to using remote (gray) ARC &  (red) RC Remote Control units:

Both Units

  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Total control of all air supplied to the system in one unit.
  • Operator can control all air bearing and air caster air flow control from one central point
  • Separate air flow control gauges on the remote control unit for each individual air caster.
  • Removes the need to adjust air flow at each individually air caster.
  • Allows the operator to make air flow adjustments on the fly as the load is moving.
  • Allows the operator to isolate individual air casters in the event of troubleshooting.
  • Easy and immediate shutdown in case of emergency.
  • Lifting handle(s) for easy portability.

Red RC Unit Only

  • RC unit has hand-held pendant for closer control and fine tuning, as well as allowing the operator the flexibility of greater viewing area.
  • RC hand-held pendant also has individual air flow control to all air casters.
  • All 6- and 8-station RC units have caster wheels fitted as standard – optional on 4-station units.
  • Locking latches for control box lid.

Gray ARC Unit Only

  • ARC has caster wheels fitted to allow unit to trail behind the load.
  • Key lock control box lid.

Check out the air bearing and caster kits that are suitable for use with either of these remote control units.