Air Bearings and Casters  -  Air Powered Heavy Load Moving Equipment & Systems

Tremendous Lifting Power    Move Up To 100 Tons With Ease    Anyone Can Use: Guys & Gals

Air Bearings and Casters - can easily solve your machinery and load moving problems: float them across the floor using air powered air bearings and casters, and with pinpoint accuracy and load positioning. Get your loads into places forklifts cannot reach. Check out our full line-up of impressive load moving and machinery moving equipment.

The perfect heavy load moving equipment - air bearings and casters - are a great way to move your heavy loads with the least possible effort. We can supply complete air bearing systems - with optional remote control - that can move heavy loads ranging from just ton to 100 tons and beyond. They are quick, clean and effortless using a little shop air for power. Have you considered air bearings and air casters as your first choice in heavy load moving systems and equipment, yet?

Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Systems & Equipment Air Beam Sets - powered by Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Equipment Air Pallets - an alternative to Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Systems & Equipment Aluminum Transporters - Air Bearing & Caster Load Moving Systems Heavy Duty Transporters - For Loads Up To 300 Tons - powered by air bearings Industrial Turntables - Factory Automation, Foot or Hand Control Vehicle Turntables - Commercial or Residential - Garage or Dirveway Installations Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Systems & Equipment

Here are some of the benefits to using air bearings and casters as your first choice in load moving equipment:

  • Environmentally friendly - powered by compressed air

  • Affordable & cost-effective. Great for clean rooms

  • Anyone can use - guys, gals - no special training

  • Easily lift & safely move loads up to 100 tons plus

  • Air bearing kits available - everything in one package

  • Omnidirectional - turn all types of load on a dime

  • Odd shapes, sizes, uneven weights - never a problem

  • Modular systems - simply add more modules as req'd

  • Get your loads into places forklifts and cranes cannot

  • Great Hovair Systems back up, knowledgeable staff

Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Systems & Equipment - check out our Products page.

They Are Fantastic!

Within hours of receiving the air bearing and caster kit system we had moved 7 loads and positioned them within a 1/16th of an inch of alignment. This would have taken us all day with our usual method. Please send us a price for more.

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New to air bearings and casters load moving equipment? Why not check out our comprehensive product line and product demos and see them working for yourself. Air bearings and casters may become your first choice in heavy load moving equipment and systems. Check out our air powered products page here.

Our support team is always ready to answer questions on your load moving systems and equipment needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for fast, friendly, no obligation info to suit your needs and specs. Contact Us Now!

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