Tips to Make Your Air Compressor Quieter

air compressorIndustrial compressors often produce lots of noise which isn’t just irritating to the employers but also affects their productivity and leads to frustration. In this piece we’ll explore some effective ways to reduce the air compressor noise, so you protect your industrial facility from noise pollution and provide a comfortable working environment to the workers.

So, What’s the Level of Air Compressor Noise?

Before we dive deep, let’s first understand what’s air compressor noise and how much is tolerable for maintaining a healthy working environment. A majority of air compressors operate from 40db to 100db.

According to OSHA, prolonged exposure to sound levels more than 80db may cause hearing loss. So, if you have air compressors at your home or workplace, you should try to reduce their noise to safe hearing levels.

Install an Intake Silencer

You can reduce the high-frequency pulsating noise by using intake silencers because the air intake system of a compressor produces most of the noise. When the compressor rotates, it draws air to its flapper valve or reed which rattles and vibrates on every pulse, producing noise.

Isolate the Compressors

Do you use a stationary air compressor? If yes, try using rubber isolation mounts to anchor it to the ground. If you’ve got rigid plumbing in your industrial facility, you can install short air hoses between the plumbing and the compressor. You can also flexible ducts and channels like rubber cords for power connections but try avoiding rigid connections directly to the compressors.

Sound Reflecting

Do you know that solid objects like walls reflect off noises and sounds? Try locating your air compressor near a wall or at the corner. These walls will reflect the compressor noise into where they’re coming from. You can also cover these walls with acoustical materials or sound-absorbing blankets to reduce the reflected noise!

Choose a High-Quality Compressor that Produces Minimum Noise

Make sure you’re choosing a quieter air compressor. Try placing it on a rubber map to reduce noise and it will absorb vibrations. If you use oil-flooded compressors, don’t forget to check their oil levels now and then to ensure that it’s running out of it. Also, grease the bearings you’re using and keep it well-lubricated to ensure that it keeps working for a longer period and doesn’t produce excessive irritable noise.

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