How Manual Equipment Handling Can Affect Your Employees’ Health and Productivity

forklift symbolIn today’s day and age, establishing manual handling systems in your industrial facility has become entirely unacceptable. It exposes your workers to several physical conditions and mental health problems.

Common Issues Caused by Manual Equipment Handling

Some of the most common problems caused by manual equipment handling are;

  • Employees lose their physical strength and feel overburdened and tired.
  • They need to do the same tasks regularly, which negatively affects their motivation.
  • Moving or lifting heavy loads regularly often leads to an awkward posture.
  • Manual equipment handling consumes a significant portion of an employees’ time and industrial operations eventually become slower and more tedious
  • Manual equipment handling leads to massive injuries, accidents, or even death.

Alternative Strategy

Organizations should prioritize their workers’ health and safety and develop an appropriate plan to prevent the repeated handling of the same materials, make sure that the equipped handled manually aren’t too heavy, and alternate strenuous and physically-demanding tasks with easier ones. They should consider investing in high-quality lifting and material handling equipment as it would also help them improve their industrial productivity and revenue.

Organizations should comply with OSHA standards under all circumstances and should make sure that they’re not forcing their employees to work in a hurry because it creates a stressful work environment. If the workers don’t feel relaxed, their productivity levels also drop.

Reasons to Establish Advanced Material Handling Systems

To prevent the risk, organizations need to acquire a comprehensive approach, which includes engineering, ergonomics, workplace environment, and their workers’ knowledge, age, experience, physical and mental strengths, and human limitations and capacities. Employee management and establishing an advanced material handling system can tremendously help a business grow. Some notable benefits of replacing manual handling systems with advanced equipment include;

  • It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in your industrial facility
  • Potentially reduces employees’ workload by providing them with the right equipment
  • Reduce the risk of medical conditions like musculoskeletal disorders. Some common musculoskeletal disorderscaused by manual equipment handling include sprains and strains, back injuries, soft-tissue injuries to wrists, arms, shoulders, neck or legs, hernias, and chronic pain.
  • Reduce production bottlenecks, error rates, and rejects.

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