Material Handling: Frequently Asked Questions

Air bearingsWhether you run a manufacturing plant, a distribution company, a storage facility, or operate a warehouse, you need to have highly advanced, technology-equipped, durable, and secure material handling systems. As a leading material handling equipment provider in the US, with more than 50 years of experience, we can answer all your queries and guide you about the right equipment you may need for appropriate material handling at your facility.

1. What’s Material Handling?

Fundamentally speaking, material handling denotes the storage, movement, and control of goods, raw materials, products, and several other industrial supplies throughout a manufacturing plant, a commercial facility, or a warehouse.

2. What is the Essential Components Material Handling System?

From air pallets to lift decks to vehicle turntables, every piece of equipment used for the storage, display, and transportation of raw materials and products is part of a company’s material handling system.

Material handling systems that feature super engineering and top-notch manufacturing quality can help you streamline manufacturing, development, packaging, and distribution processes.

3. What are the Specific Features of a Reliable and Secure Material Handling System?

In today’s highly competitive environment, industries need to pay specific attention to controlling their operational costs and reducing the overall time consumed in material handling.

An efficient material handling system should;

  • Proper design of your facility layout.
  • A system that streamlines the work process.
  • Help in reducing total production costs.

4. What are the Main Objectives of Material Handling?

An effective material handling system features the following characteristics.

  • It can determine the total distance to be covered.
  • It reduces material damage during transportation and lifting to improve the quality of the final product.
  • Facilitates the reduction in overall manufacturing time.
  • Ensures a hazard-free working environment.

5. Why is Material Handling Important for a Business’s Profitability?

Without having an organized storage environment and a secure system for moving the products around, any manufacturing or distribution company can’t flourish. They will need more time to complete the production and distribution, as a result of which their clients will lose trust in their services. Besides, if you don’t automate your material handling processes, you’ll have to invest more in material handling.

6. How to Improve Material Handling More Efficient?

To make material handling efficient, you need to make the most of the available space. Understandably, it’s not always possible to purchase a large property for manufacturing a product. What you can do, however, is use material handling equipment like turntables and lift tables to maximize the given space and make your operations faster and more efficient.

Looking for a Premium Material Handling Equipment?

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From vehicle turntables, and lifting & rigging equipment industrial turntable to heavy load moving machines, or other industrial materials handling equipment, we have solutions for all your material handling needs. At Hovair Systems, we’re committed to helping our clients, automate their industrial processes, business operations, and leverage technology for improving their profit.

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