Need for Heavy Duty Transporters

Production units and warehouses often require transportation of goods to several platforms. The manufacturing process often involves the transportation of raw materials. Workers are often often required to handle loads that can clearly take a toll on their physical health. This also leads to musculoskeletal disorders in worse cases!

Using a heavy-duty transporter allows easy transportation of heavy machinery and goods. It saves time, increases your production speed and ensures that your workers are exposed to minimal risk.

Here’s why your production unit needs a heavy duty transporter:

1. Economical Solution

Manual transportation of heavy machinery and goods requires several individuals. A heavy-duty transporter can easily transfer loads to various hovairplatforms with the help of a single operator. This eliminates the need for several workers, saving the labor cost.

2. Safer Delivery

Manual transportation of loads can take a lot more time than the automated process. Heavy loads can impose severe stress on the body, increasing the risks of musculoskeletal disorders. If the loads trip, they can damage the surroundings and lead to life altering injuries for handlers.

Taking adequate measures for maintenance eliminates this risk. Before you know it, your materials would already have reached their destination!

3. Transportation of Diverse Variety of Goods

Whether it’s food or shipping containers, oil or glassware; transporters allow feasible transportation of a diverse variety of materials. It ensures safe transportation of goods.

4. Compliance with Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a defined lifting equation to calculate the recommended weight limit for one person under different conditions. The equation defines a maximum weight of 51 pounds, which is adjusted according to how often the process requires twisting. It’s also dependant on horizontal and vertical distance covered during lifting, and the frequency of the lifting process.

Exceeding these limits mandates the need of heavy-duty transporters. An industrial facility that’s not compliant with these standards can be charged with severe penalties.

5. Saves Time

Transporters save time by transporting several materials at a time. While manual labor would take half an hour for transporting goods, a heavy-duty transporter can get the job done in minutes!

Hovair Systems Inc. facilitates the warehouses and production units by providing heavy-duty transporters for moving heavy loads. They offer tremendous versatility and power. Our transporters can lift loads up to 300 tons and beyond.

They’re equipped with built-in steering, lift-deck units, joystick or wireless control, and external tugger control. Our transporters are air-powered and offer a high load capacity.

Get in touch with us today and facilitate your warehousing needs!


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