Cost-saving Benefits of AGVs

Owning a commercial facility is about implementing effective solutions to minimize downtime and increase revenue. One way of increasing the efficiency of an industrial facility is by replacing the manual handling of loads. Not only does it minimize the risk of workplace incidents, but substantially reduces cost.

Here are the many benefits of AGV that can save your commercial budget:

1. Reduced Labor Cost

Installation of AGVs in an industrial facility can reduce your labor cost. A task that’s normally accomplished by 5 employees can be done by a single equipment.

Although the initial cost for an AGV may be higher than manual labor, considering benefits like salary, medical coverage, and vacation days; it seems like a fair investment. The load-moving task can be performed repetitively without a break, allowing industries to recover the initial investment within a short period.

2. Eliminated Risk of Accidents

A major proportion of workplace incidents occur due to manual handling of loads. These accidents can cause damage to the equipment and structures, costing hundreds of dollars. In case of a workplace injury, not only does the organization pay for health expenses, but its reputation is also at stake.

The use of AGVs can eliminate chances of errors. Their cutting-edge technology employs the use of cameras, sensors, and lasers to ensure accuracy.

3. Increased Workplace Safety


AGVs can handle tasks that have a higher risk of accident. These machines can be operated in elevated temperatures, and for moving heavy machinery. This saves the employees from being exposed to the risk of injuries.

Increased safety eliminates the probability of workplace incidents, saving the organization from OSHA penalties.

4. Automated Inventory Tracking

AGVs can be connected to control systems of the warehouse to allow automated tracking of inventory. Operator can utilize the machine to perform the tedious task of manual inventory tracking.

This allows you to keep your materials in check and saves the downtime that occurs due to unavailability of a material. It also saves you from ordering materials that are already stocked up in your inventory, saving your capital.

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