Steps Your Warehouse Must Take to Handle Materials Safely and Quickly

heavy-duty-transporter at HovairPeople working at warehouses are exposed to several health hazards that often cause lasting injuries and wounds, musculoskeletal disorders, or sicknesses and illnesses. Aside from increased exposure to harmful chemicals, their jobs are also physically challenging. From storage to material handling, lifting and transportation they need to do a majority of these things manually on daily basis.

Importance of Safe Material Handling

To retain employees, you need to make life easier for them. Remember that your warehouse holds, not just your stock but a lot of dangers for your workers. It’s your utmost responsibility to comply with the workers ‘safety clauses in 30 CFR Part 56 and Part 57, to protect them from health problems, and injuries.

Best Practices

Prioritize your workers’ safety and health before everything else.

  • Make sure that all the loads are first inspected to determine how they need to be lifted or moved, also check all possible transportation routes to eliminate the obstacles; if any.
  • Use automated weight lifting equipment and educate the workers about safe weight lifting techniques to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Instruct all the workers and managers at the manufacturing unit, to carefully use all material handling equipment and strictly adhere to appropriate operating procedures.
  • Identify and control or eliminate all environmental hazards associated with the work at hand. Make sure that there’s no noise pollution in the manufacturing unit as it can hamper your employees’ health and ability to work.
  • Offer the workers clean access to warehouses, and other storage areas.
  • Try to organize your storage using modern tools like industrial turntablesand heavy load handling systems.
  • Try using air-powered load moving products to establish a reliable rigging system. Make sure that your rigging equipment is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Employ cutting-edge air handling systems for material handling. Your load handling equipment should support the lifting and movement of heavy loads.

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