Types of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles)

a construction siteIf you visit an advanced warehouse or construction site, you’ll see a wide range of vehicles traveling and moving around autonomously without a driver or an operator. These are referred to as automatic guided vehicles or AGVs, also known in many industries as self-guided vehicles.

These are some of the most advanced material handling equipment found in industries these days. If you’re wondering what they do and how they work, here are three different AGV types to help you understand.

Automated Guided Carts

If there’s one basic AGV consisting of all the primary AGV features that all the other AGV types have, it’s the automated guided carts. Also known as AGCs,  these are the most popular kinds of automated guided vehicles with various navigation systems depending on their industrial applications.

These include complex navigation systems, magnetic tape systems, sensor-based systems, and more. Apart from being used to transport smaller loads, AGCs also come in handy for industries involved in storing and compartmentalizing loads.

Forklift AGVs

Another most popular type of automated guided vehicle is a forklift AGV. These are high-quality vehicles used for transporting materials from one location to another to store them safely.

These vehicles operate the same way as human-operated forklifts. However, the only difference is that forklift AGVs work through an automated mechanism without the need for a human operator.

Heavy Burden Carriers

If there’s one type of AGV that’s relied upon to carry and haul the heaviest loads, it’s the heavy burden carriers. These carriers are a unique type of AGV with extensive applications in industries requiring large assemblies.

These carriers are automated. Therefore, they can self-load materials through their pivot steering features.

a forklift AGVNow that you know what AGVs are, how they operate, and how they’re different from the rest of their types, you may be looking for the best ways to handle these vehicles efficiently. It’s always a good idea to resort to a company known for manufacturing the right material handling equipment for this purpose.

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