Air Bearings & Its Applications in the Entertainment Industry

To execute high-speed operations without precession problems, the vast majority of businesses now use air bearings rather than traditional metal contact bearings. A wide range of bearings available on the market is ineffective at reducing friction. Roller bearings, for example, frequently cause contact between the surfaces during operation, resulting in heat generation and machine wear and tear.

A director recording a movie sceneAccording to Linear Motion Tips, the most fundamental benefit of air bearings is that they reduce heat generation, lubrication needs, and friction-induced damage. Although air bearings don’t contain any recirculating elements, they’re faster than roller or ball bearings. The publication also highlights that air bearings contain a fluid film which allows more accuracy in movement as compared to mechanical bearings.

Here’s a look at the uses of air bearings in the entertainment sector:

Understanding the Working of Air Bearings

Air bearings can help industries bring a dramatic improvement in their performance, productivity, and profitability. Used for moving heavy loads, air bearings are known for their high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-precision capacities. They cause approximately zero friction, and hence, no wear or property damage, and don’t require oil lubrication.

The Use of Air Bearing in the Entertainment Industry

Optical units need top-quality bearings that are smooth, precise, and can perform with the same level of accuracy in abrasive and harsh environments. Before a lens is approved by the industry, it needs to meet precision requirements and manufacturing standards. It must also be checked for its surface finish and surface quality. Using air bearings during the tests reduces the risk of vibration-induced machining errors.

The rotating inertial of the balls of a ball bearing limits their acceleration features because they don’t have any fixed or consistent starting and ending points. Their sliding, skipping, and skidding cause significant precision issues. This is especially common in industrial applications with lighter loads over diminutive distances. There are no inertial issues in air bearings. Therefore, their acceleration capabilities are considerably higher and they always start and stop at fixed points, regardless of the weightage of the load or distance.

Irrevocably add bearing processes to constructs like support beams and stage hoisting. Set components can be easily moved from one place to another.

Air bearings can help with the seating arrangement as well. They can transform a tennis pitch into a musical theater without a hassle. On-camera visual techniques require seamless, omnidirectional mobility, which can be achieved with the help of air bearings. They are nowadays used for turntables and transportable staging for musical theater.

Last but not least, you need to keep the worker’s safety in mind when you’re purchasing the product. Poor equipment can cause life-long disability to the worker, so it’s necessary to look for equipment that is safe and easy to work with.

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