Lifting and Material Handling – Health & Safety Issues

As per a study undertaken by the US Department of Labor, 5,333 tragic work-related injuries were reported in 2019. Although there are numerous hazards to workers’ occupational health, improper weight lifting and moving is one of the most common reasons for industrial fatalities.

A worker moving an object

As a result, learning how to move and manage objects properly is essential. Improper hauling methods or mishandling machinery used for loading could result in horrific accidents or even deadly mishaps.

Take a look at this guide to learn about safety issues related to lifting and material handling.

Health And Safety Issues

Manual hoisting of massive weights is a widespread approach in warehouse management. Although manual carrying is a part of most laborers’ daily routines, it’s generally overlooked in safety assessments. However, since it requires personnel to push, tug, and carry large items daily, it encourages them to overstrain themselves, resulting in muscle injury and orthopedic diseases.

These accidents may appear minimal at the time of the accident. However, if wrong handling methods are persisted, they can lead to major health concerns.

Personnel carrying objects are also at risk of tripping or slipping while trying to move the burden. When carrying a load on a stairwell, the scenario becomes even more dangerous, as laborers are at a considerably greater danger of tripping and suffering injuries that might be deadly.

The Solution To Lifting And Material Handling Injuries

Staff should follow all safety protocols. Nonetheless, it is the contractor’s statutory obligation to guarantee that the working conditions pose the fewest risks to their health and safety.

Organizations must also provide proper wellness and safety instruction to their employees. These courses render workspaces secure for workers and promote staff satisfaction. Lifting machinery, such as air casters, are your safest choice if you’re an organization trying to dramatically reduce loading and moving injuries.

The modern AVC systems are ideal for moving and handling tasks as they are extremely agile and economical and minimize the quantity of personnel needed for manual labor. There are many different caster modules to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your requirements.

Considering the absence of mechanical components, these systems require little upkeep. As a result, you may want to explore moving from manual handling to a hydraulic system to reduce hazardous situations related to hoisting and moving operations.

A worker operating material handling equipmentGet In Touch With One Of The Most Reliable Lifting And Material Handling Equipment Service Providers In Seattle

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