Different types of Automated Guided Vehicles and their Usage

Manual material carrying is an antiquated paradigm in today’s world. In corporate sectors, Automated Guided Vehicles are now employed to transfer loads from one location to the other.

An automated guided vehicle at a manufacturing unit

As more sectors are pushed to transition to automation and robotics, the market for AGVs is predicted to grow by 16.5 percent by 2025. Automated guided vehicles save effort and enhance the total output by a huge margin.

Take a look at this guide to understand the different types of automated guided vehicles.

1. Unit Load Automatic Guided Vehicles

When discrete items of payload are required to be moved from one location to the other, AGVs are employed. The payload may include a huge cylinder of steel, a sheet of bubble wrap paper, or other items. Although fork trucks can be employed for the same task, unit load AGVs have the benefit of not requiring human intervention to operate. These devices can be employed in situations where the driving motion is repeated frequently over a short period. They also have a tracking system that helps in optimizing the operational task.

2. Forklift Automatic Guided Vehicles

These are the most widely employed AGVs because of their mobility. Forklift AGVs can carry and transport loads to and from various altitudes, in addition to navigating through the site on their own.

This indicates that with forklift AGVs, you can easily move cargo to a shelf or hang it in another space. Conventional forklift trucks include wide, vertical lines, counter-balance, and hybrid models.

Depending on the requirements, such forklifts can be equipped with a variety of forks, including high press, extension, tilt, telescope, etc. Most forklifts are also integrated with infrared detectors for smooth interaction with loads. Most forklift AGVs are employed in material handling operations. They can also be employed to transport pallets from the storage to the manufacturing floor.

3. Tugger Automatic Guided Vehicles

Tuggers outperform lift truck AGVs in terms of productivity and efficiency. These AGVs drag a line of load-carrying trolleys from one location to the next. As a result, they are an excellent option for carrying a huge cargo.

These AGVs can be configured to halt at various spots throughout the facility so that personnel can stack or unload trolleys before the AGV arrives at its delivery point.

To optimize output, AGVs are commonly employed in manufacturing settings. They are favored for moving loads to predefined places. However, haulers with directional controls can be employed when the course is unknown or has unanticipated slopes and obstructions.

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