5 Tools that Make Moving Heavy Machinery Simple

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of relocation is moving large vehicles and heavy equipment from one place to another. Such movements require in-depth planning as any wrong move involving heavy machinery has the potential to cause life threatening accidents or serious financial damages.Tools for heavy machinery

However, the use of appropriate movement tools can make the job much easier. Once you know the specifications of the machine to be moved, such as its height, weight, length, width, etc., you may select any moving tool that is best suited to your needs.

Listed below are a few tools that could help in making the machine moving process much safer and efficient:

1. Air Bearings:

When selecting a tool for relocation of heavy machines, it is important to consider the load capacity of the tool.

Air bearings provide a great solution as they can be used to lift and move a range of different kinds of loads. Our standard air bearings of 12-inches have the capability to lift machines weighing up to half a ton while a heavy duty bearing of 48-inches can be used to lift up to 30 tons with ease.

2. Air Casters:

Used in a set of four or six, air casters and efficient tools used for moving machines within an industry. Caster modules are usually made by combining air bearings with other components. These pneumatic devices can lift up to 50 tons worth of load and as these casters are air powered, they do not damage the floor in any way.

3. Air Beams & Lift Decks:

Air Beams can be used where a low-profile device is required for the process of relocation, or where the width of the load is constant, but its length is variable.

Made from aluminum, our air beams are as lightweight as possible and fit perfectly under loads due to their low-profile height which is 2 inches. If you wish to lift a heavy load off its base, you may want to opt for a lift deck. These decks can be used in combination with the air bearings to move the machinery from one point to another. You may select an appropriate beam or deck depending on your need.

4. Air Lifting Bags

If the clearance between the floor and your load is close to 1 inch, air lifting bags should be your go-to choice.

Designed to ‘grip the load’ these bags have the capability to lift a range of weights, starting form a ton and moving up to 70 tons! The bags and slid under the load and then inflated for lifting, which helps in lifting loads with very low clearance. You may check out Hovair’s range of Air Lifting bags to find the one right for you.

5. Heavy Duty Transporters:

Moving machinery and equipment weighing up to 300 tons or more is challenging, as singular bearings and casters cannot be used. Heavy duty transporters make the job much easier in such cases. These transporters are also fitted with steering control which allows you move your machines with precision and accuracy. And since the transporters can be customized to best suit your needs, you never have to worry about the specifications.

When moving heavy machines, seeking professional help is always better than trial and error. Using some of the tools mentioned above, you can relocate your heavy machinery with complete security.

If you didn’t find a system suited to your needs here, check out our product catalog for more options.

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