Aluminum Transporters


Like all Hovair Systems products, aluminum load moving transporter pallets (aka air pallets) offer a flexible
and easy way for moving your regular shaped loads by harnessing the power and energy of simple compressed air. An alternative to multiple module systems, these transporters are the perfect solution to moving heavy loads with fixed widths and lengths.

Aluminum transporter pallets are available in a variety of sizes starting around 4ftx3ft. We can also custom build a transporter to suit your needs and specifications. Be sure to ask your Hovair support contact for details.

The choice of air bearing fitted to your transporter will, of course, depend on the type of load you are looking to move and its weight. A standard 4ft x 3ft model will contain 4 A-type air bearings with a combined lifting capacity of 4000 (2 tons). As the size of the transporter increases, so does the air bearing weight capacity, as well as the number of air bearings.

Air flow control is via a manifold at one end on the transporter. This

manifold incorporates air flow control valves for each air bearing, as well as an On/Off ball valve that connects to the air supply source.

Air bearing replacement is a simple process and requires the removal of 1 hex-head bolt for A-type air bearings and 5 bolts for the B-type air bearings.

Push handle is optional.

Click the graphic to watch an Aluminum Transporter demo movie (3mb).