What Is a Lift Bag and Why Use It?

Air lifting bag used in a cargo planeDaily heavy load operations involve lifting many heavy things, like cars, machines, and debris. Your hydraulic jack may not be able to handle the weight, and there’s not enough room to put it in.

The worst possible thing that could happen is that the safety of your coworkers may be at stake if businesses do not get the latest lifting technologies for moving heavy loads. You need a quick and easy solution that fits in small places. Air lifting bag is one of the best solutions to deal with heavy loads in workplaces.

Here’s a helpful guide into air lifting bags and why you should use them:

1. What Is An Air Lifting Bag?

Air lifting bags have several industrial applications. The use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship and strict quality control ensure that the bags are safe to use. They can lift tonnes of weight under different pressures of compressed air.

Air lifting bags are better than hydraulic jacks because they have a shallow insertion height of about 3cm, are lightweight, and are almost maintenance-free.

2. Lifting Force

Air lifting bags work like inflatable bags based on the pressure-surface area principle. The lifting force is inversely proportional to the contact area with the ground. When the cushion inflates, the contact area decreases, and the lifting force of the bag increases. Compressed air is the most common fluid used in air lifting bags, but sometimes they are filled with water or mortar.

3. More Flexible And Stronger Than Steel

Light and thin air lifting bags made of high-strength materials are the best options if you need to lift something heavy. Many of these bags have aramid fibres are added to the rubber compounds to make them stronger. These fibres are more flexible, lighter, and stronger than steel.

The air lifting bags have outside surfaces shaped so that two bags can be stacked on top of each other to counter with a lifting force twice as large as that resulting from a doubled jacking height. The bag’s quick-release couplings connect them to the air supply. The air lifting bags are also suitable for water applications and extremely cold conditions.

Inflated air lifting bag used in water for safety purpose4. Efficient And Safe

Air lifting bags can lift the most weight for the smallest amount of space. The bag’s design makes it easier to empty it in an emergency, a significant safety benefit. These bags vent extra air automatically with the load. The single attachment point makes them stable, irrespective of the trim or the load orientation.

Air lifting bags are more efficient because they can be shipped lighter without sacrificing strength, capability, or safety features.

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