Air Bearings

Air Bearings

This moving equipment is also commonly known as Air Casters. They are a rigging system that can be used to carry heavy loads.

Simply place bearing modules beneath a heavy object, and introduce compressed air. The modules will then lift the mass from the ground. Now you can easily float the load to a new destination.

Air Bearings

How To Use Air Bearings 

In this video our client demonstrates the entire process of setting up their air handling system. As you can see, in just a matter of minutes an expensive piece of machinery can be made mobile.

The bearings fit beneath the profile of a heavy load similar to how tires go beneath a car. In this case the machine is so heavy even wheeled casters would not be enough to support its weight.

Once an air hose is connected to the bearings, it will feed a supply of compressed air. The air will flow out of the bearings, and generate lift against the floor. When they lift from the ground, bearings reduce the effective weight of a mass by 99.5%.

Riding On Air

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