Types of Caster Modules

There are several types of caster module that can be used to house the air bearing of choice.

Fundamentally, an air caster or load module is a strong metal structure that houses an air bearing and air chambers to route the supply of compressed air to the bearing. Caster modules are usually square lightweight aluminum or round steel. We also have a stainless steel alternative for moving lightweight loads, delicate machinery, or for clean room applications.

Here are some of the options you will be able to choose from when selecting your new load moving system:

Round Steel Modules:

Generally these modules incorporate only the A-type air bearing

Square Aluminum Lightweight Modules:

These aluminum modules can be fitted with either A-type or B-type air bearings

Low Profile Aluminum Modules

These low profile modules are around 1½ inches thick and are fitted with B-type high-lift air bearings. These are especially suited to sliding under machinery with low clearance heights for fast and easy moving.

VL-type Stainless Steel Modules

These modules have the air bearing “rolled into” the module to make one single unit. VL-type modules have a center-mount bolt fixing facility and are most suited to bolt-mounting directly to the load. Such loads can be lightweight delicate machinery working in a clean room style environment, or other lightweight loads between 500 and 2000 pounds.

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